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" Reiki not only heals diseases, but also amplifies innate abilities, balances the spirit, makes the body healthy, and thus helps achieve happiness."

This site is trying to impart information about Reiki and the healing abilities of this easy to learn system.

10 year Reiki anniversary
Time flies, has now been online for 10 years and I have had millions of visitors, I have answered thousands of questions, hopfully helped a fair number of people and also made lots of new friends. Thank you all, you have enriched my life!

New to Reiki healing?
If you are new to Reiki and seeking information? Just start on the buttons on your left and follow the path. I will try to guide you through information about what Reiki is, it's history and what it can do for your mental, physical and spiritual health. Start here!

Reiki practitioner needing new tools?
If you already are a practitioner attuned to the Reiki energy you might find some of the information under the button "How to use Reiki" useful. You can download a free Chakra Guide and a free Reiki Treatment Guide with the hand positions for more than 60 ailments.

Some other interesting reading:

  • Reiki symbols
    After some deliberation I have added information about the Reiki symbols and their use. Read more!
  • Reiki FAQ
    I have added a section with frequently asked questions about Reiki healing. You can also ask me questions. Click the button at the top or here!
  • The healing powers of water
    Your body is in need of water. Read about how important water is. Drink!
  • Correct breathing is the base for a healthier life
    A large proportion of the adult population in the Western world breathes incorrectly. Includes a Reiki/Qi Gong exercise for abdominal breating.
  • Protect yourself with an Aurashield
    Ever felt uncomfortable around certain people? Read about what might be happening and how to protect yourself with a Reiki Aurashield.
    Read more!

Welcome to the world of Reiki!

Goran Sandwall
Reiki Master/Teacher


Reiki energy healing mind, body and spirit
Reiki for mind, body and spirit
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