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Reiki as a preventive and curative medicine

Eastern medical philosophy has alwaysemphasized the superiority of maintaininggood health over curing illness. Reikiisa preventive medicine par excellence. But itiseven more: When practising Reiki on yourself or others, you  experience both its preventive and its curativefunctions at the same time. If you have adisease, Reiki will cure it, if not,Reiki will promote your health and longevity. This preventive cum curativequalityof Reiki makes it a unique healing system.

It is natural to be healthy
It is only whencertain parts of our bodies fail to functionnaturally that sickness occurs. The causesmay be from bacteria and viruses, organic(toxins) or psychosomatic.

  • Bacteria andviruses are always present in our bodies,butthey are kept in check (sometimes even exploited to do useful work for us) as long asour bodies function naturally.
  • Toxins arecontinually clogging our organs, but as longas we function naturally, these toxins willbeneutralized by the chemicals produced byourbody.
  • Our brain is continuallystressed,but again, if nature runs its course we will be adequately relieved after sleep and rest.

The Eastern concept of health is also widerthan that of the West. To be healthy is notjustto be free from disease. A person cannotbecalled healthy if he/she is often restless, irritable orextremely forgetful, cannot concentrate orsleep soundly, and has no zest for work orplay.

How does Reiki promote health
First,it frees us from disease; it prevents aswell ascures illness. Then it helps us to growemotionally, mentally and spiritually, givingusthe wonderful benefits of health in its widersense. Thepreventive and curative qualities of Reiki can be reduced to twosimple principles: the cleansing of meridiansand balancing of the chakras to achieve a harmonious energy flow.

How does Reiki prevent or curecontagious diseases?
When disease-causingmicro-organisms attack certain parts of thebody, reserve energy is channelled to meetthese attacks. But if the meridians are blocked,then the flow of reserve energy is hindered,and illness results.When using Reiki you cleansethemeridians, harmonizing energy levels andpromote a smooth flow of reserve energyto the areas under attack, thus restoringthebalance. Practising Reiki increases our reserves of energy, thuspreventing any possible future outbreak of illness.

How does one actually use Reiki?


Reiki healing for everyone
Reiki as a preventive and curative medicine
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