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The Bookshelf

Here are some books that I can personally recommend (they are all standing in my bookshelf among hundreds of others). These books have all given me something towards developing my Reiki healing techniques. New books that are worth your time will be added as I read them. I have now also stated to add books that I can recommend directly on my treatment pages. All books are available via or, just click the link at the end of each text to order or read more about the books, enjoy!

Reiki for Common Ailments 

Reiki for Common Ailments: A Practical Guide to Healing
By Mari Hall
A good compliment to my Reiki Treatment Guide! Contains suggested Reiki treatments for over 80 common ailments such as acne, toothache, allergies and constipation. It also provides a general overview of Reiki, examining the importance of chakras, and explaining and illustrating the basic hand positions.

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The Multidimensional Hitchhikers Guide to Unity Consciousness 

The Multidimensional Hitchhikers Guide to Unity Consciousness
by Clive Hetherington
This is a great book written by a friend of mine. It
is a manual for multidimensional awareness, soul exploration (on all levels) and transformation. Clive and his wife Cris can initiatiate you into this approach and if you work with the book regularly then it will facilitate deep transformation and life changes. For all those who want to move beyond their current perceived boundaries, limits, challenges, traumas and negative life patterns. Read more on


Essential Reiki by Diane Stein 

Essential Reiki. A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art
by Diane Stein
I am not going to rant and rave about this book but I will still recommend it if you are open minded. Ms Stein has written an interesting book with lots of information about Reiki and its attunements. Solid information about the human energy system so you will learn something I am sure.

Buy at or


Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. Translated by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English 

Tao Te Ching
By Lao Tzu. Translated by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English
This classic By Lao Tzu written in 600 BC is a must to read. This translation reveals the most important and influential of Chinese texts in its full glory. Like a string of perfect pearls the Tao Te Ching's eighty chapters of wise sayings and commentaries on the self and  our relation to society are still valid today. They light the way to a deeper understanding of the self and of the world. The black and white photos are as lyrical as the ancient text itself.

Buy at or


Modern Reiki Method for Healing by Horoshi Doi 

Modern Reiki Method for Healing
by Hiroshi Doi
This is the first Reiki book by a Japanese Reiki Master to be translated and published in English. Apart from explanations of Reiki teachings from a Japanese perspective, this version contains additional information on the origins of Reiki-ho and the original society created by Dr Mikao Usui.

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The Power of Reiki by Tanmaya Honervogt 

The Power of Reiki
by Tanmaya Honervogt
Great gift book! Wonderful pictures and easy to follow information about Reiki.
If you know nothing about Reiki, this is an excellent book to start with (or to give as a present!).

Buy at or



The Spirit of Reiki by Lubeck, Petter and Rand 

The Spirit of Reiki
New book from Walter Lubeck, Frank Arjava Petter and William Lee Rand.
The Spirit of Reiki contains a wealth of information on Reiki. A broad spectrum of topics range from the search for a scientific explanation of Reiki energy to Reiki as a spiritual path. It also includes the latest understanding of Dr Usui's original healing methods.

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The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr Mikao Usui 

The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr Mikao Usui
By Frank Arjava Petter
This book shows you the original hand positions of Dr. Usui's Reiki Handbook. It has been illustrated with over 100 photos to make it easier to understand. It also contains the hand positions for a great variety of health complaints listed in detail, making it a valuable reference work for anyone who practices Reiki.
This book should be a part of any serious Reiki practitioner's library.

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