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The Reiki Kanji

For my own pleasure (and now yours) I have commissioned a master calligrapher, Eri Takase, to let her brush interpret the symbol for Reiki.

This piece of art is made in the semi cursive style of Japanese calligraphy which allows for a more flowing form of brush strokes. The top part stands for Rei (meaning universal, higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness) and the lower part Ki (meaning life force or life energy). Together they form Reiki (spiritually guided life energy).

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The kanji sign for Reiki as interpreted by the brush of Eri Takase
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Eri Takase is a master calligrapher and is ranked as such in Japan's most prestigious calligraphic society, the Bokuteki-kai. She has won several national calligraphy competitions in Japan and her works have been displayed in the Osaka Museum of Arts.

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