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Reiki Hand Positions

The effectiveness and ease of use in the Reiki system is based on the hand positions. The Reiki hand positions we use in the Western world probably come from Mrs Takata. According to new findings Mikao Usui and Dr. Hayashi seem to have mostly worked with the head and directly on the problem area. (See The Bookshelf for "The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr Mikao Usui).

The traditional Reiki hand positions cover all the important major chakras and quite a few acupuncture points. Traditionally it is also common to give a whole treatment which will take just over an hour and give a very good overall balancing effect. Personally I have found that it is even more effective to listen to my intuition and use specific points when treating an ailment.

There is no need for the removal of clothes. The Reiki practitioner will during the session place his/her hands on all the positions or in some cases just a few. This is usually very relaxing and beneficial for both parties.

Below you will find links to photos of the different positions. If you continue to "Reiki treatments" you can read more on how I have divided up the hand positions and also find suggested treatments for a large number of ailments. You can also download a free copy of my Reiki Treatment Guide (you need Acrobat Reader 4).
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Treating others: Head positions, Body positions, Legs and feet, Back positions

Self treatment: Head positions, Body positions, Legs and back positions

"Quick treatment"

You will find treatment suggestions for over 60 ailments under "Reiki Treatments". You are also welcome to download my Reiki Treatment Guide, click here!


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