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Reiki hand positions for the legs and feet

Here you will find the positions for the legs and feet. Legs and feet are not included in the original hand positions but you will find that many Reiki Masters include these also. Of these three you will find that L3 is very effective as you cover most of the reflexology zones on the foot.
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Reiki hand positions for legs and feet
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Reiki legs/feet position 1 

Legs 1 (L1)
Kneecaps, place one hand above the kneecap and one hand under the knee. Treat each knee separately.

Treating: Knee injuries. Disability to bend (mentally). Headache, stiffness in the neck. Energy blockage in the lower body.   Back



Reiki legs/feet position 2 

Legs 2 (L2)
Ankles, do each one separately. Hold your hands in the position most comfortable for you.

Treating: Energy blockages, problems with neck and throat, thyroid gland and lymph. Problems in the pelvic area.   Back



Reiki legs/feet position 3 

Legs 3 (L3)
Treat each foot separately. One hand should cover the sole of the foot, otherwise hold in the most comfortable position for you.

Treating: The feet contain reflex zones for all the organs in the body. All the organs and chakras will be treated. Grounds and calms the person.   Back



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