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Other Healing Methods

When working with Reiki one often comes in contact with other forms of healing. Personally I have read and done courses in many different forms of healing and one tends to pick up and use the part that appeal and work best. Under "Other Methods" I will add information about different techniques that I have found interesting and that work with Reiki.

So far you can find the following information:

The healing power of water
Your body is screaming for water, give it enough and many problems will be solved.

Correct breathing is the base for a healthier life
A large proportion of the adult population in the Western world breathes incorrectly. Includes a Reiki/Qi Gong exercise for abdominal breating.

Meditation - how to bring the mind home
This is a very forceful and effective Reiki meditation that gives relaxation, mental calmness, clarity, increased ability to visualize, clairvoyance, increased healing power and a wider conciousness.
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Protect yourself with an Aurashield
Ever felt uncomfortable around certain people? Read about what might be happening and how to protect yourself.
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How to use a Mudra to direct energy in the body
Mudra is the Sanskrit name for folding your fingers in different ways to force energy to go a certain way in your system. 
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The Organ Clock
Use the Organ Clock as a guide to helping your client. In short, each organ in our body has a specific time during the day when it is most active. Use the clock to find the problem area.
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More coming soon!


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