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Reference chart for the main chakras

The Organ Clock (Biological Wheel)

The Organ Clock comes from traditional Chinese medicine. As you know there are natural biological cycles, for instance: the year, the moon and the day. All activity in nature changes according to a certain pattern. The Organ Wheel is based on the fact that our inner organs each have a time during the day when they are more active. This knowledge can be used to diagnose and help treatment.
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Reference chart for the main chakras, free download

Organ activity will indicate the correct treatment
Every one of our 12 most important organs have a two hour period during the day when they are the most active. If the energy in the organ is out of balance, symptoms will be more noticeable during the organ's two-hour period. Please observe that symptoms can also show in body tissue, sensory organs, meridians or muscles whose function is connected to the organ. Many patients will be able to accurately inform you about the time that they feel their problems are most severe. This information and the Organ Clock can help you to give the correct treatment and to balance the problem.

Organs in opposing time frames affect each other
According to Chinese medicine, organs that are directly 12 hours apart from each other have an influence on the balance in the opposing organ. You might get an indication that the patient feels worse twice per day. The explanation is that when two different organs (and their corresponding tissue, sensory organs, meridians, muscles etc.) are sick at the same time it is usually because one organ has too much energy, whilst the other lacks in energy. (Worth noting is that if you treat the organ lacking energy it will "suck" energy from the organ with too much energy, creating balance again.)
As a rule of thumb you can use this:
Too much energy: the illness or problem occurs and gets bigger both when the body is at rest and in physical activity.
Lack of energy: the illness or problem only occurs or gets bigger during physical activity.

How to use the Organ Clock
To use it is very simple. Find out at what time the problem is most severe, treat the corresponding organ/organs with Reiki. This is how you read the clock: The outer squares give you some possible symptoms. The first ring of the actual clock contains the organs and the two hour time frame. Next ring will give you the name of the corresponding meridian. The black circles give you the element from the Chinese five element principles (I will not describe those here). The inner ring contains an important acupuncture point for the corresponding meridian and that time frame. You can treat the organ directly or this point with Reiki and get very good results. You will find the points described, in layman's terms, in the table below the Organ Clock.

The Organ Clock

Time Frame



How to find it

Reiki Hand Position

23 - 01

Gall Bladder


On the top and outside of the  foot about 3 to 4 finger widths from the base of the little toe towards the heel

Cover the top of each foot from the little toe with your hands

01 - 03



At inside corner of the base of the nail of the big toe

Cup hands around each big toe

03 - 05



Underside of wrist about 1 finger width from the base of the thumb

Put hands covering the underside of the wrist on each hand

05 - 07

Large Intestine


Outer corner of the base of the nail on the index fingers

Cover each index finger. Your hands pointing towards the wrists

07 - 09



4 finger widths below the knee, slightly on the outside of the bone

Place your hands slightly below each knee

09 - 11



About 1 fingers width from the base of the big toe. (Follow an imaginary line from the outer edge of the toe towards the heel)

Cover the big toes, hands following the imaginary line (you will cover SP1-Sp4)

11 - 13



H8 is in the palm of the hands. Close your fingers into a loose fist. Just below the little finger on the palm is H8

Cover that point of the palms and let your fingers also cover a bit of the wrists

13 - 15

Small Intestine


Can be found in the fold of the wrist, backward from the outside of the little fingers on each hand

Cover the wrists. Concentrate on  the outside (SI4-SI6)

15 - 17



Outside of the little toes, in joint between toe and foot

Put hands covering from the joint on the little toes back towards the heel

17 - 19



On the inside of the knee at the beginning of the underside fold

Cover each knee with both hands

19 - 21



Close your fingers loosely into a fist. You will find the point in the palms below the middle fingers

Cover that part of the palms and the first part of the wrists with your hands

21 - 23

San Jiao


4 finger widths up from the  wrist fold on the upper side of the hands

Cover area with your hands

You can choose to either cover the specific area with your hands (this will usually cover more than one acupuncture point) or you could beam Reiki towards just the wanted point. Both systems will give good results.

Remember, never give a diagnosis to the client, leave that to a medical doctor. Use the Organ Clock as a guide in helping the client get well!

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