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Reiki treatment suggestion for allergies

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Why people develop allergies still remains a mystery.
Sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, sinus congestion, hives, swelling are all symptoms of allergies. Allergies can affect almost any area of the body. Substances that irritate the skin, allergic reactions to drugs, detergents, and other chemicals are all culprits. Also, grass, house dust, pets, wheat, colorants, additives and preservatives are all possiblities.

Hay fever is an allergic condition triggered by inhalant substances (frequently pollens), which leads to sneezing and inflammation of the nose and conjunctiva of the eyes.

Any skin inflammation may be considered Dermatitis. Redness, scaling, and thickening of the skin may occur with dermatitis. Pinpointing the cause of the problem is the first step toward alleviating the symptoms.

Eczema is another type that is allergy related. It can appear as dry, cracking, crusting and red patches on the skin. The skin can become inflamed and itchy. Many factors can contribute to eczema. Stress is a major factor.

Hives are lumps or weals that are very itchy. They can appear all of a sudden. They can be related to a particular food or as another commplication from allergies or stress.

Anaphylactic shock can kill by suffocation, the result of swelling of the larynx and obstruction of the airway. Anaphylactic shock can occur in response to insect stings, ingestion of allergenic foods in sensitive individuals, and injected or swallowed doses of medication. It is a medical emergency!


Aromatherapy can help with hives, eczema, dermatitis, bee stings inflammation, and dryness. Helpful, are Essential oils such as Chamomille, Lavender, Geranium, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon, Myrrh, Ylang ylang.

Stones and crystals:

Carnelian, Lazurite, Clevelandite

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Suggested reading:

The Allergy Bible: The Conventional and Alternative Guide to Understanding, Avoiding, and Treating Allergies
By Linda Gamlin

This book gives explanations of what causes allergies, what the symptoms are and how to deal with allergies.  There is also information on complementary medicine, and some receipes at the back for common intollerances/allergies. Very straight forward with very helpful and practical information. Buy it now at!
The book gets the highest rating from customers at Amazon in Europe read more here.


The Allergy Bible

Buy at: or - Reiki background material and  Reiki treatment information

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