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Treat the whole body with emphasis on positions:

Head: H2, H4

Body: B1, B3, B4, B6

Legs and feet: L2

Back: BA4

Click the links to the hand positions above to get more information about each position or use the slideshow on the left for a quick view.

Reiki healing for everyone
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Most of us suffer from anxiety to some extent because modern life is jagged, fast-paced, and divorced from the natural rhythms that tend to create a harmonious inner life. Typical symptoms of anxiety include feelings of tension, irritability, worry, frustration, turmoil, and hopelessness, along with insomnia, restless sleep, grinding of teeth, jaw pain, an inability to sit still, and an incapacity to cope. Physical symptoms can be breathing problems, dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, heart palpitations, a lump in the throat, tightness in the chest, and cramping in the bowels. Anxiety can also give rise to panic attacks. These may be so severe that they are mistaken for heart attacks.

Feel free to download the complete Reiki Treatment guide here!

Suggested Reading:

Embracing the Fear: Learning to Manage Anxiety & Panic Attacks
By Judith Bemis and Amr Barrada

"I have consumed every book out there on this subject. This is the best book for helping the patient cope and understand the condition. It has more helpful coping strategies than any other book on the market. It is upbeat and give you the sense that you can handle this, and you are going to be fine. I love their attitude." from a reader.


Embracing the Fear: Learning to Manage Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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