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Reiki treatment suggestion for Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Treat positions:

Head: H1, H2, H3, H4

Body: B6

Legs and feet: L3

Back: BA1, BA4, BA5

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Creberal Pares
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Cerebral Palsy

The damage responsible for cerebral palsy occurs only while the brain is immature - either during development before birth, during birth itself, or during childhood.

There are three main forms of the disease plus a mixed form.

Spastic This is the most common form, and also the one that varies most widely in severity. The most typical symptom is difficulty in walking. Mildly affected children may display only slight clumsiness in such activities as running or handwriting. Others, however, are unable to manage even the simplest voluntary motions.

Choreoathetoid is the second form typical symptoms are spontaneous, involuntary muscle contractions - either abrupt jerks or repetitive athetoid writhing. Those affected have trouble keeping their bodies stable, whether standing or sitting.

Ataxic - This form weakens the sense of balance, the perception of depth and distance, and the ability to reach objects accurately or to identify them by touch. The muscles are flabby, and walking is unsteady.

Mixed - Some of those affected have symptoms of more than one form of the disease. 

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Suggested reading:

Health Options: Complementary Therapies for Cerebral Palsy and Related Conditions by Andrew Vickers

This is an introductory guide to complementary medicine and alternative treatments for cerebral palsy and related conditions such as Down's syndrome, learning disability and autism. The book contains information explaining what the many alternatives are, what they involve, whether they are appropriate for certain conditions, etc.


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