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Reiki treatment suggestion for epilepsy

Treat the whole body with emphasis on these positions:

Head: H1, H2, H3, H4

Body: B4, B5,

Legs and feet: L3

Back: BA4, BA5

Click the links to the hand positions above to get more information about each position or use the slideshow on the left for a quick view.

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Epilepsy, a physical condition caused by sudden, brief changes in how the brain works. In most cases no cause can be found, but head injuries, brain tumors, lead poisoning, problems in brain development before birth, and certain genetic and infectious illnesses can all cause epilepsy.

Epilepsy occurs when nerve cells in the brain fire electrical impulses at a rate of up to four times higher than normal. This causes a sort of electrical storm in the brain, known as a seizure. A pattern of repeated seizure is referred to as epilepsy.

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Suggested reading:

Treating Epilepsy Naturally: A Guide to Alternative and Adjunct Therapies by Patricia A. Murphy

This comprehensive guide offers alternative treatments to replace and to complement traditional therapies and sound advice to find the right health practitioner for you.


Treating Epilepsy Naturally

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