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A migraine headaches is a form of vascular headache which affect millions of people daily. Vascular headaches are a group of headaches that are felt to involve abnormal sensitivity of the blood vessels (arteries) in the brain to various triggers which results in rapid changes in the artery size due to spasm (constriction). Other arteries in the brain and scalp then open (dilate), and throbbing pain is perceived in the head. Migraine headaches are the most common type of vascular headache.

Migraine headaches are thought to be an inherited disorder which involves serotonin, a chemical in the brain involved in the transmission of nerve impulses. These nerve impulses trigger a release of substances in the blood vessels that in turn cause the pain of the migraine. These same nerve impulses cause the flashing lights and other sensory phenomena described below, known as an aura, that may accompany a migraine.

Migraine headaches, which can totally disable an individual, generally have no impact on the individual's normal state of health once resolved. Not all severe headaches are migraines. Likewise, not all migraines are severe.

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