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Reiki treatment for common diseases

In the western method of Reiki it has been the norm to recommend a full body treatment for any medical problem. Personally, as mentioned before, I have found that treating specific chakras or points connected to the organ or energy blockage causing the problem gives a much better result.

Hand positions for quick results
Based on a broad knowledge of the eastern way of looking at disease and methods for healing via the meridian system and acupuncture points etc. I have compounded information about which Reiki hand positions yield the best results for a specific problem.

My system is based on the common Reiki hand positions used here in the Western world. I have divided the body and positions into 4 different areas: Head, Body, Legs/Feet and Back.

Hand position photos to help you
If you choose the disease in the drop down menu above you will get a page with the Reiki hand positions that are most effective for that specific problem. You can also click to see a picture and a description of any position given.

The system and photos are divided into:

Treating others: Head positions, Body positions, Legs and feet, Back positions

Self treatment: Head positions, Body positions, Legs and back positions

"Quick treatment"

Feel free to download the complete Reiki Treatment guide here!


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Reiki treatment for common diseases
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