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When I first came in contact with Reiki in 1996 it was by one of those coincidences that sometimes seem to lead our lives in new directions.

There are lots of good Reiki sites on the Internet (you will find some of the best under the "Resources" button) so why another site? That my friends is a question I should be able to answer after 10 years of being online with this site. In short one can say it has been my privilege to have had millions of visitors and hopefully I have been able to help or at least clarify things about Reiki and healing for a few of those visitors, also my visitors have often enriched my life with new ideas or thoughts, thanks!

Who am I
My name is Goran Sandwall, I am 55 (time flies) and live in Sweden. I grew up in the southern part of Sweden but have also lived in South Africa in the 80:s. My career has been within sales and marketing and I have been sales- and marketing manager for a large airline. I have also run my own Internet company which is when this site was started, currently I work as a management and change consultant.
In 1996 during a difficult period of my life I came in contact with Reiki, I knew directly that this was something for me. I am now a Reiki Master/Teacher (both traditional Usui and Tibetan Usui). I have also studied many other healing systems including traditional folk medicine. It is my hope that you will find this site both useful and interesting.

Wishing you a healthy and happy life with Reiki!



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